This work addresses the concept of time, particularly how time is filled, managed and perceived.  I used my desk calendar/day planner as the model and base for these pieces.  The calendar base functions as a grid, emphasizing the boundaries of time (the day planner reflecting my efforts to manage time in a multi-tasked world).   Each modular group of 12” x 12” paintings represents a month, ranging from January 2007 through June 2007. 


I produced one painting each day on a 12” x 12” panel, documenting the activities and happenings of that day.   My time spent in the studio ranged from a few minutes to several hours a day (for the most part, whatever I accomplished of the painting process that day is what you see). Each day’s work was depicted on a literal and/or intuitive level.


Layering is an important aspect of this work – the layers help to portray time as three-dimensional. The layers also symbolize the multi-tasking required to get things done within the constraints of a day (the layers pile up, as do the contents of the “To Do” list on my calendar).  In addition, the layers represent thoughts and emotions (both submerged and exposed) I experience while multi-tasking.


The palette I use is variable within each month.  In some paintings the colors are objective and are used to document the conditions of that day (e.g., light, time, ground, sky, and weather).  On other days, the colors may be of a more symbolic nature (e.g., portraying my stress or anxiety level).


By displaying a painting for each day, I have created a visual diary of the everyday elements and challenges of life as a wife, mother, and working artist.